"A Revisionist Chronology of Papers by T.A. Hieronymus: A Consistency of Biases"

Edited by T.A. Hieronymus

Professor Emeritus, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign



This compilation consists of 43 papers dating from 1950 to 1993 written by Thomas A. Hieronymus. Most readers have not seen many of these writings. They represent a wide range of material, including speeches, Extension materials, conference presentations, journal articles, and congressional testimony. Several deal with agricultural policy, especially policy related to soybean prices and production. Some papers are very basic to futures markets, such as how to hedge, futures markets and financial equity, definition of hedging, designation of delivery points, and a definition of manipulation. Additional papers demonstrate how Professor Hieronymus educated congress about futures markets and speculation over several years. Professor Hieronymus also includes papers where he instructed the Chicago Board of Trade to get its act together; told Midwest elevators to "get good or get out"; presented speeches on controversial topics in New York; advocated cattle futures in front of a reluctant meat industry before these contracts were introduced; and repeatedly called for the government to stay out of agricultural markets. Research ideas run through many papers, especially advocating research on the role and quality of speculation.

These papers are challenging, interesting, and entertaining. They show clearly that Professor Hieronymus has had significant influence no only on the futures industry but also on agricultural policy. They demonstrate depth and breadth of expertise, and consistent advice about policy, markets, prices, and trade.

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